A Dash Ta Streak

A Guy With Proof

A Streak Of Fling

Aint Seen Nothin Yet


BHR Frenchies Socks

Blazin Boss

Blazin Honor

Blazin Jetolena

Bola De Fuego

BR Golden Leader

Bubblin Ta Fame

Bucks Hancock Dude

Bullseye Bullion

Cachaca Flit 

Chicados Cash

CM Nonstop Nitro

Dash Ta Fame

Dashin Dynamo

Docs Gettin Reckless

Dot Com Guy

Eddie Stinson

Epic Leader

Face The Facts Guyz

Fame Ta Corona 

Famous And Shameless

Famous Bugs

Fiestas Gotta Gun

Fire On Bug

Fire Water Flit

Firewater Hooch


First Down French

Flingin Roses 

Flinging Dinero


Freckles Ta Fame

French Streakin Jess

Frenchmans Fabulous

Frenchmans Guy


Frosted Shakes

Guys Easy Jet

Hand Off Boy 

Heavenly Firewater

High Brow Cat

High Road Ta Fame

Ima Famous Guy

Ima Firefighter


Jesses Topaz

Jet Streakin

JL Dash Ta Heaven

JL Sirroco

Johnny Reb Jackson 

Judge Cash

KG Do It For Fame 

KG JustStealingCash 

KG N MC Just On Fire

Kiss My Hocks

KN Famous Czar

KVN Corona


MCM Imahoss

Metallic Cattack

Metallic Malice


Moscato Fame 

Mulberry Fame

No Pressure On Me

Our Dry Fling

Our Fearless Fame

PCR Pink Cadillac

Promises To Streak

Rare N Famous

RR Mistakelly

Sawyers Game Changer

Seis Guy

Seis Smashin Fame

Separatist Rocks On

Shawne Bug Leo

Slick By Design

SR Bugatti 

SR Industry Titan


Strait Dallas Fuel

Streakin Boon Dox

Sun Frosted Rocket 

The Goodbye Lane 

The Kandyman

The Kingsmen

This Guyz A Keeper

TKW Runaway Fame

Traffic Guy

Tres Fortunes

Tres Kings

Tres Seis

Triple Vodka

Vanila Viper

Winners Version


  1. Tempting Dash

  2. Flaming Firewater

  3. JL Reddy To Charm

  4. Al Cappone

  5. Lucky Wonder Horse

  6. Mr Sassy Frenchman

  7. Ima Special Kindaguy

  8. KT Fab Dasher

  9. The Money Depot

  10. Mundorf #1

  11. Mundorf #2

  12. Smokinnn

  13. Nickster

  14. On A Gator

  15. Deking Of Flings

  16. HP Dash Ta Fiesta

  17. Feel The Sting

  18. Frenchmen R Hot

  19. Slye By Design

  20. MCM Rocket Man

  21. MP Sugeray

  22. Ninete Nine Problems

  23. Tink Tink

  24. KL Touch Of Heaven

  25. Mill Iron #1

  26. Mill Iron #2

  27. "The Godfather" Pending

  28. Dreamz Of Wingz

  29. DTF X Mean Cheerleader

  30. ASOF X A Hairfasternmom

  31. GuiltyByAssociation 

  32. Zanes Last Wonderbug 

  33. Money Ta Flit

  34. Jettastic 

  35. Famous Bond

  36. Wildfyre 

  37. This Fame Is On Fire

  38. California Cash 37

  39. Designer Red

  40. Rock solid Kiss

  41. The Silk Streaker

  42. Guys Pocket Coin

  43. Jesses Double Dee

  44. HGF Guys SpringFling

  45. Best Advice

  46. Bench Warrant

  47. Conn Creek

  48. Mann On Fire

  49. BS One Hot Bully

  50. Guns In Roses

  51. My Vegas Philing

  52. Heavens Firewater 

  53. First Moon Medley

  54. Something Epic

  55. Willie B Firewater

  56. Buggin The Judge

  57. Gem Equine LLC pending

  58. A Chocolate Fury

  59. Tm Keepthefireburnin

  60. SB The Goodbye Blues

  61. TM Goodbye Design

  62. Chasin Misty

  63. Irish Pay

  64. Flingin Cash 37

  65. Blazin Amazin 37

  66. Ivory Couture

  67. Salty And So Smooth

  68. "A Mere Guy" pending

  69. Heza Fiery Fling

  70. "Pineapple Xpresss" pending

  71. El Miguel

  72. TR Illuminator Cash

  73. Thomas Ranch #1

  74. Guys On A Mission

  75. Famuos Honyock

  76. Reckless Goodbye

  77. Tres Seis X Rosas Cantina 20'

  78. Cfour Paddy Okelly

  79. Marthas Slick Moons

  80. Jesscuzican

  81. "Epic Leader X Feelinthefirewater" pending

  82. Bug N The Girlz

  83. Crockett Undesignated

  84. Firewater Fred

  85. Adios Pantalones

  86. Streakin Lil Wayne

  87. First Spittin Image

  88. TOHR 1

  89. Im A Slick Guy

  90. My Guys Firen

  91. Fiestas Dynasty

  92. Col Macchiato

  93. "Exchange Rate" pending

  94. Sunny Ceas A Blazin

  95. Born Ta Be Famous

  96. SH Famousinstilettos

  97. MM I Bleed Maroon

  98. Hazerstreakincowboy

  99. Guys Genuine

  100. Sun Frost Wonder

  101. Azure Storm Cat

  102. Wee Feelin French

  103. RF Back For The Cash

  104. Showwtime

  105. Seventeen Below

  106. Sinnsuous Firewater

  107. Buckingham

  108. Sheik Jeanfly HTT

  109. Blaak Magic

  110. Unrelenting Force

  111. RTB #1

  112. RTB #2